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Debra Kang Dean has published three collections of poetry: Back to Back (NCWN, 1997), which won the Harperprints Poetry Chapbook Competition, judged by Ruth Stone; News of Home (BOA, 1998), which was co-winner of the New England Poetry Club’s Sheila Margaret Motton Award, and Precipitates (BOA, 2003).

Her work has appeared in many journals and a number of anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 1999, The New American Poets: A Bread Loaf Anthology, Urban Nature: Poems about Wildlife in the City, and Yobo: Korean American Writing in Hawai‘i.

She is on the faculty of the Spalding University brief-residency Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program, teaches online through the UCLA Extension School’s Writers’ Program, and is a contributing editor for Tar River Poetry.

Visit the contexts page to read about her participation in a 100-Day Program conducted by the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School during the winter/spring of 2003. Or view a slide-show display of pictures she took from the same spot at Walden Pond between the 2001 winter solstice and 2002 vernal equinox—a project she started as one more way of extending lessons learned from the daily practice of taijiquan into other areas of her life.

She was married to the late Bradley P. Dean, a well-respected Thoreau scholar, for almost thirty years.  She lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with Bashô and Cricket, their two cats.


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