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Walden Photos: Copyright © 2003 by Debra Kang Dean
Thoreau quotation from “Former Inhabitants;

and Winter Visitors,” Walden

Lady with a Fan, 1905, oil on canvas, by Pablo Picasso

Copyright © 1996 National Gallery of Art,

Washington, D.C.; for information about

this painting, visit National Gallery of Art

Jou quotation from “Foundation: Taiji Qigong,”

The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation

Books Page

Precipitates: ISBN: 1-929918-43-7
Copyright © 2003 by Debra Kang Dean

Cover Art: “Fall Leaves Afloat,

near Beech Spring” by Scot Miller

Cover Design: Lisa Mauro

News of Home: ISBN: 1-880238-66-7
Copyright © 1998 by Debra Kang Dean

Cover Art: “The Leap” by Lynne Feldman
Cover Design: Geri McCormick

Back to Back: ISBN: 1-883314-08-9
Copyright © 1997 by Debra Kang Dean

Cover Art & Design: Abigail Rorer

Copyright © 2004, 2005 by Debra Kang Dean
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